Countess Alexandra Christina of Fredriksborg photoshoot and interview

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“If you are always yourself, that is quite often a winning formula” – Countess Alexandra Christina of Fredriksborg

As the former wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark, Countess Alexandra Christina of Fredriksborg became one of the most influential women in her country. Her chic, modern fashion sense and down-to-earth personality have often drawn well-earned comparisons to another famously beloved royal, the iconic Princess Diana of Wales. However, the Countess’ experiences extend far beyond the typical life of a royal. Before marrying Prince Joachim in 1995, the Hong Kong-born Alexandra Christina had already launched a fruitful career in the business world, and she continues to work to this day as an active participant in the nonprofit organizations UNICEF and Kids for Kids fund. Today, the now-remarried Alexandra Christina finds fulfillment in both her charity work and her rich family life with her two sons, Prince Nicolai and Prince Felix. In our exclusive interview, the confident and charismatic Countess shares how she’s successfully balanced work and family – and what it’s like to be real-life royalty.
Photography by:  Nicolai Alexander Rudnicki