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Cool Hunt produces videos featuring the world’s biggest celebrities and models.


Pierce Brosnan is always cool and confident, whether in Los Angeles or Texas or where ever.

Pierce Brosnan in Austin, Texas


Miranda Kerr in New York for ELLE China

Miranda Kerr is the world’s most charismatic model and we had the pleasure of spending a whole day with her doing a photo shoot and interview. This video was directed by Ise White.

If you are in China, click on this link to view the video:


Morgan Freeman at the “Ground Zero Blues Club”

This video interview of Morgan Freeman was done in Clarksdale, Mississippi, in the Delta region. This is where Blues music started about a hundred years ago and where Morgan lives and owns a blues club, the famous “Ground Zero Blues Club.” This video was directed by Ise White and Cezar Greif interviewed Morgan Freeman.


Rihanna in Southern California

In the mountains above Malibu, California, we spent a day with Rihanna who transformed herself for this Harper’s Bazaar Arabia cover shoot. She became “Rihanna of Arabia” and made this video to the sound of her song “Lost In Paradise.” The video was directed by Evan E. Rogers, while Ise White styled Rihanna.

Maggie Cheung in London

We go to London for this video of Maggie Cheung, directed by Rankin. Maggie was plotting her new career as a singer and was in a very rock mood. This was shot in front of the St Pancras Hotel.

If you are in China, click on this link to view the video:


Jessica Alba in Los Angeles

In the Hollywood Hills, we found an amazing contemporary house with a breathtaking view of LA, perfect for a shoot with Jessica Alba. Star, CEO and mother of two, she was styled by Ise White who also directed the video.


Pierce Brosnan in Austin, Texas