Countess Alexandra Christina of Fredriksborg photoshoot and interview

“If you are always yourself, that is quite often a winning formula” – Countess Alexandra Christina of Fredriksborg As the former wife of Prince Joachim of Denmark, Countess Alexandra Christina of Fredriksborg became one of the most influential women in her country. Her chic, modern fashion sense and down-to-earth personality have often drawn well-earned comparisons […]

Young Love

Young love can be the most unforgettable and magical experience of a lifetime.  Who can forget their first kiss, that romantic first date or that special song that will forever be reminiscent of your first love?  Teens and adults alike know that there is nothing quite like feeling those “butterflies”, but with every culture there […]

New York City Farmers

In the big city, it’s easy for residents to lose their connection with nature; tall trees are replaced with towering skyscrapers and grassy lawns swapped for cement sidewalks. But some people are making an effort to reclaim their earthy roots in the metropolitan landscapes they call home. These “urban farmers” have turned their rooftops into […]