Stephen Quake: Redefining Biomedical Engineering

  It’s been over 20 years since Jurassic Park introduced the concept of biomedical engineering to the public.  Scientists in the Michael Crichton novel-turned-film manipulated amber-preserved dinosaur DNA– more specifically, dinosaur genomes– to repopulate the planet with animals millions of years old, essentially reversing extinction. Today, Professor Stephen Quake has made sci-fi fantasies a reality […]

The Top 10 Editors at Fashion Month

  During Fashion Month streetwear trends often get as much, if not more, attention than the latest runway looks. As editors make their way from show to show, their impeccable street style- an inspiring mix of current-season favorites and fresh-of-the-runway creations- sets the trends for the season to come. Cool Hunt snapped the latest looks from Leandra Medine (Man […]

The Lake District in North West England

  In the Northwest of England, in the region of Cumbria, the lakes are so breathtaking they launched an artistic movement named the “lake poets,” which included famed wordsmith William Wordsworth. The rolling hills and quaint villages are now a modern popular holiday destination, but let’s not forget they launched the Romantic Age in the UK […]

Eight Amazing Skincare Secrets from Across the Globe

    Every month it seems as if there’s a new miracle product on the market promising to renew and restore aging skin, essentially turning back the hands of time.  But how many of these fads really follow through on their promises?  We interviewed eight real women across the world- from the US and the UK, all the […]