Stephen Quake: Redefining Biomedical Engineering

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It’s been over 20 years since Jurassic Park introduced the concept of biomedical engineering to the public.  Scientists in the Michael Crichton novel-turned-film manipulated amber-preserved dinosaur DNA– more specifically, dinosaur genomes– to repopulate the planet with animals millions of years old, essentially reversing extinction.

Today, Professor Stephen Quake has made sci-fi fantasies a reality with his cutting-edge research in the field of bioengineering.  While he’s not bringing Mezosoic creatures back to life, Professor Quake is using his knowledge for something even better: improving and prolonging human life with breakthrough diagnostics.  His newest research on non-invasive testing alone has saved thousands, and has redefined the term “bioengineering”.   Read on to discover the latest scientific breakthroughs from one of the fields’ top minds, Stephen Quake.