Michael Douglas: Greed is NOT good

  Dynasty. The word can be thrown around lightly, but not in the case of the Douglas family. Very rarely have both father and son reached the pinnacle of show business. Very early on, Michael Douglas had to wrestle with an important question: what do you do when your father is the hero? Well you […]

The Season of Metallica

Metallica is the biggest band in the world, and has held that position for many years now. But how could a foursome playing what was called “extreme music” at the inception of the band rise to dominate the rock world in such a complete way? Extreme professionalism from the management down to the musicians seems […]

Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington

When trying to figure out what makes Game Of Thrones one of the most popular TV shows around the world, people have different theories. Some think it’s the sex and violence. Others, the complex story where the heroes sometimes die and the villains win. Others yet think it has to do with the brooding beauty […]

FUTURE is here!

When Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn was a kid growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, his vision of music was already so beyond what his peers were doing that he earned the nickname “Future.” Soon after, he started working with his first cousin Rico Wade, who was already well established in the music business. Collaboration with Rihanna, Drake, […]

ASAP Rocky before Rih

Did ASAP Rocky really put New York on the map, as he claims in his song “ASAP Forever?” This kind of bold claim, not rare in the hip hop world and reminiscent of Tony Montana’s “The World Is Yours” in Scarface, is the subject of endless debates online. But maybe after more than ten years […]

Michael Douglas: Ambiguity is Good

  Imagine two buddies playing golf. Chatting about this, about that, about women and business. One of them is undoubtedly Gordon Geckko, greed disciple and lover of all things money, a character made famous by the 1987 Oscar-winning movie Wall Street. The other is now President of the United States. One could wonder what this […]

Sebastian Stan is a Solitary Man in a Super-Hero Role

Sebastian Stan is a humble man. Humble to a fault. One couldn’t imagine a superhero from the Marvel universe played by such a down-to-earth, unassuming man. But since 2010, Sebastian has played Captain Bucky Barnes, who had his big break as the leading character in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Maybe that’s how Marvel and Disney […]

Cool Hunt’s Pierce Brosnan Cover Story

No matter what he does, Pierce Brosnan will always be remembered as one of the five actors who played James Bond on the big screen. And he’s ok with that. As a matter of fact, he’s grateful. Born in Ireland, but having lived and worked in England before moving to California, Brosnan is one of those well-traveled […]

Dave Franco Talks About Acting, Hollywood, Everything

Dave Franco is looking good. With recent projects like The Little Hours and The Lego Ninjago Movie (plus three more in the can), he’s finally come into his own.  Yet, even with his own moment in the spotlight finally here, his relatively new married life, creative family, Hollywood, social media and acting. “I don’t know […]