Dave Franco Talks About Acting, Hollywood, Everything

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Dave Franco is looking good. With recent projects like The Little Hours and The Lego Ninjago Movie (plus three more in the can), he’s finally come into his own.  Yet, even with his own moment in the spotlight finally here, his relatively new married life, creative family, Hollywood, social media and acting.

“I don’t know if I hated acting, but it terrified me. However, acting has been really good for me because I was a shy kid growing up, and acting brought me out of my shell. I’ve always loved movies. My first job ever was at a mom and pop video store when I was 14. It was actually illegal for me to be working there at that age, so they paid me by allowing me to take home as many movies as I wanted. That’s how I started getting into films. When I first moved to LA, I think I subconsciously started acting because I wanted to find any way I could into the movie business. After a few years of just feeling so scared every time I performed, I finally realized that if I was to continue doing it, it should be fun. I shouldn’t be so stressed out and almost killing myself. It is hard work but it should also be something that brings happiness to my life.”