Sundar! Inside Cool Hunt’s Priyanka Chopra Shoot

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Photographs by David Slijper

It’s no secret that Quantico‘s Priyanka Chopra is beautiful (Sundar in Hindi), and if beauty is both physical and spiritual, then Chopra is indeed “prerna sundar” (beautiful inspiration, roughly translated). The actress has proven her merit by playing the lead for three seasons on the hard-charging ABC (in the US) series. Chopra’s portrayal of a presumably innocent, young FBI agent, who gets accused of being involved in an attack on US soil (i.e., New York’s Grand Central terminal), is compelling as she goes on the run and, the mystery, told in present time and past, unfolds.

Coolhunt produced this shoot, shot in New York on a chilly but also sunny day. Despite the chill, Chopra can warm up to a conversation that turns to the Time’s Up-equal-pay-for equal work subject. “Why is there a word called feminism? Why is there no manism?” she challenges, right off the bat.  “Because men have never needed it. Because for hundreds and hundreds of years, women have been told what we should dress like, what jobs are good for us, what we can do, what a good girl is.”

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