Justin Theroux, Why He is So Much More

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In the fast-paced world of Hollywood, Justin Theroux stands out. For starters, he doesn’t mind being called “Mr. Jennifer Aniston,” his wife since 2015. Then there is the general demeanor. When he pulled up in his black Mercedes at our shoot location north of Los Angeles on a cloudy day, there was no high pretense. Just an actor ready to get to work (he even confesses later that “I don’t call a photoshoot real work”). Contrary to many other stars, he was agreeable to drive himself an hour out of the city for the sake of the shoot.

And despite being in his mid-40s, he’s able to convincingly dress like someone in his 20s – perfectly fit, wearing black denim with combat boots. One of the few actors who is also a top Hollywood screenwriter, he seems to be at ease in any situation, whether talking to the media, mingling with other celebs, buying groceries at the supermarket or facing paparazzi. With screenwriting credits like Iron Man 2, Zoolander 2 and Rock of Ages as well as important roles in Girl on a Train and Mulholland Drive, Justin Theroux is a major player in the film industry. Not to mention his new foray into television, with a leading man part in the critically acclaimed HBO series The Leftovers. We sat down with him to find out if there was anything that could rattle his lock.

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Diedre Johnson