Actor With (Beauty) Secrets: CoolHunt’s Dane DeHaan Cover Story for August Man

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When we met and interviewed Dane DeHaan, the actor was up for any questions we could throw at him. From his love of the Valerian comics, and how that played into his getting into character and working on the movie with director Luc Besson — to his love of clothes (the self-professed Prada lover has starred in five campaigns for the Italian design house) and actually going shopping for his wife to keeping to a good skincare routine.  For the record, he uses a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream, and occasionally, a serum. It’s a regimen his wife of five years, Anna Wood, put him on.  “Anna is really into it and knows all about these products,” DeHaan says, stifling his laughs.

“I feel better when I do it. If you really want to know the brands, I use Le Mer, Amore Pacific’s face cream, Clarins toner and Elements serum.”

The American actor first catapulted into the public consciousness five years ago in The Place Beyond The Pines playing the son of Ryan Gosling’s character. Anyone who has watched it has been struck by the intensity of DeHaan’s eyes. The best actors are the ones who communicate emotions without saying a word. DeHaan belongs in this rarefied category.

In addition to Valerian in 2017, DeHaan also starred in City of a Thousand Planets and Tulip Fever. His next is The Kid with Chris Pratt and Vincent D’Onofrio.


Cezar Greif

Kevin Sinclair for CoolHunt