Inside Our Joan Smalls Cover Story for Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan

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It’s another of those sunny days in Los Angeles as Joan Smalls poses for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan. The wardrobe stylist, the hair stylist, and the makeup artist are at the Hollywood-area studio early in the morning.

“She has a great sense of humor,” says‘s Cezar Greif of  Smalls. The LA-based writer and CEO of Coolhunt gets the celebrity, vets and hires a team, then organizes all the particulars of celebrity cover shoots for international magazines.  The beautiful, Puerto Rican-born model did her thing for the camera and the result is this stylish, on-trend shoot.

Smalls, in her own skin and a white blazer by Michael Kors, is classic and classy without even trying. spoke with Smalls about her vision of a great magazine fashion shoot.

Q: Do you remember your first collaboration with Harper’s Bazaar? How was that experience?

I believe it was with Sebastian Faena. It was a spectacular black and white story in a house in NYC.

It was great because Sebastian is a friend and super easy to work with, we’ve established a good rapport.

Q: If you get a chance to be the artistic director for a Harper’s Bazaar cover, what kind of style and look it will be?

One that’s for the culture (that’s inclusive of everyone) and that’s currently relevant to how this generation styles themselves with an edge of aspirational couture.

 Q: What are the things you have learned from reading fashion magazines?

If the image does not draw the attention it’s very easy to just flip a page. Therefore, whenever I pose you have to make sure it evokes a feeling of some sort.

 Q: Have you ever thought about getting old? What kind of old person will you be?

I want to be an extremely happy and funny elder.  One that emanates joy and everyone enjoys being around and, as sarcastic as humanly possible.

Photo by David Slipper