Sebastian Stan is a Solitary Man in a Super-Hero Role

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Sebastian Stan is a humble man. Humble to a fault. One couldn’t imagine a superhero from the Marvel universe played by such a down-to-earth, unassuming man. But since 2010, Sebastian has played Captain Bucky Barnes, who had his big break as the leading character in Captain America: Winter Soldier. Maybe that’s how Marvel and Disney trick us into seeing these movies: They hire nuanced, thoughtful actors and not just action stars. Resistance is futile. This year is shaping up to be a big one for Stan, with new roles where he gets to show his acting chops, such as his turn in “I, Tonya” where he played the scheming husband of the title character, and a lead role opposite Nicole Kidman in Destroyer. Plus rumors of him starring in Beat The Reaper, based on the Josh Bazell crime novel and to be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although he lives in New York, Sebastian Stan frequently comes to Los Angeles for work, and it is during one of his westward treks that we caught up with him, in the penthouse of the Shangri-La, a luxurious beachfront Santa Monica hotel. For more information, please contact Cezar Greif at