Jon Hamm: His Mad, Mad Life After Mad Men

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Jon Hamm has been pretty busy since finishing his Emmy and Golden Globe-winning role in the AMC series, Mad Men. The main reason is that before, during and after the role that made him a household name, he was a hard-working actor. His work bio is full of credits — from early 2000 shows like Providence and The Division to guest starring roles on The Gilmore Girls and Charmed.

Now he’s got seven big and small-screen projects coming up while continuing to make appearances on hit shows such as The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In a revealing interview with Singapore’s August Man, he reveals more about his work ethic, the male in modern society and his personal fashion style.

On work 

I think none of us are getting any younger. I like to work. I like being at work and meeting people at work, creative and talented people. But work can be exhausting too. It’s hard when you’re away from home, especially. You kinda get out of your routine and live in a hotel. You want to be comfortable at home, too. You want to strike the right balance while keeping some sort of forward momentum going on in my career. It’s a tricky thing.

On the male evolution

I think that men’s jobs, these days, is to listen more than they talk. I’ve been able to take that one to heart and really understand that as a straight White male, I’m living in an incredibly privileged position in society. Not only in American society, but in international society and culture as well. It’s important to understand that it’s real. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it doesn’t have merit. That’s a big thing for a lot of white men to get their head around. That’s why you see the rise of Trump and these other things. Some men just don’t want to let go of that.

On style

I don’t really wear jewelry. I wear an Apple watch now. But if I’m going to a place where I have to look nice, I’ll wear a nice watch, I have a few. I like wearing nice suits, I really do. Everything matches, you look good, you look well put together, you look mature. If it’s a good suit, you look great. I like that!

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