Game Of Thrones’ Kit Harington

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When trying to figure out what makes Game Of Thrones one of the most popular TV shows around the world, people have different theories. Some think it’s the sex and violence. Others, the complex story where the heroes sometimes die and the villains win. Others yet think it has to do with the brooding beauty of Jon Snow, the character played by British actor Kit Harington. Born in Newcastle, he had very little acting experience when he was chosen to play the character. What made him stand out from other actors was his babyface look, enabling him to play at first the young Jon Snow, and then the older version of the character. But when he walked into our set in the Penthouse suite of the Epik hotel in Montreal, Canada, some of that “teenage” quality was clearly fading. Looking more mature, but still very handsome, Kit Harington was exhausted from days of schedule changes shooting his movie The Life of john Donovan, directed by Xavier Dolan. Dressed fashionably, Kit was quick to change into the different outfits prepared for the photoshoot. Very professional, he moved seamlessly from one look to the next. It’s what was next that worried him more. Not yet very comfortable with the interview format, Kit was enthusiastic about the possibility of all the questions being about his love of football. We did ask about that, but also touched on the many aspects of what it’s like to be a young TV star.

(photos by Nigel Parry)