San Diego: America’s Finest City

San Diego: America’s Finest City by Jessica DeFino The light was blindingly bright as I inched closer and closer to San Diego on the 1-5, as if I were driving directly into the sun. Traffic from Los Angeles to San Diego- normally just a two and a half hour drive- was slow-moving; not so much […]

South Africa Wines: Where Biodiversity is King

Cape Town:  the Mother City,  a member of the prestigious Great Wine Capitals of the World network alongside Bilbao in Spain, Bordeaux in France, Christchurch in New Zealand, Florence in Italy, Mainz in Germany, Mendoza in Argentina, Porto in Portugal, San Francisco in the US and Valparaiso in Chile.   Regularly voted one of the […]

The Lake District in North West England

  In the Northwest of England, in the region of Cumbria, the lakes are so breathtaking they launched an artistic movement named the “lake poets,” which included famed wordsmith William Wordsworth. The rolling hills and quaint villages are now a modern popular holiday destination, but let’s not forget they launched the Romantic Age in the UK […]

Israel: A Walk Through Contested Lands

Photos by:  Yadid Levy Text by:  Dan Davis Ask an Israeli and a Palestinian where their homeland is and they will give you the same answer – a small sliver of coastal land between Arabia and Anatolia. Ask an Israeli and a Palestinian why their land is so important, and they will both respond “because […]

Rio Olympics Travel Story

This August, the Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But where should you stay and eat when going there? And with so many different beaches, which one is the most beautiful? A culture flourishes in Rio de Janeiro, a waterfront society of runners and bicyclists and tanners in bright bathing suits.  At Ipanema, […]

AirBnB: Changing The Culture of Global Travel

The rent-a-room model of AirBnb has brought global travel to the masses.  A culture-changing concept, AirBnB allows everyday people to cure their wanderlust on a dime through opening up their homes to fellow travelers, and relying on strangers across the globe for affordable lodging abroad.  The site is turning travel lifestyle on its head: with […]

L.A. Confidential

Los Angeles has long been a city with a flawed reputation. Some people see it as a haven where the rich and famous go to behave badly, while others see it as the birthplace of lowbrow cultural phenomena like reality TV and over-the-top action movies. Despite being the historic home of the film industry, the city […]

Arabian Lights of Qatar

Just across the Persian Gulf from the famously ritzy city of Dubai, Doha is the new megalopolis of the Middle East.  Through the vision of Sheikh Hamad Al-Thani, the Arab state of Qatar has built Doha’s cityscape and scene, which emerges to rival the standby destinations of the world’s most affluent.  The city’s mystery is […]