AirBnB: Changing The Culture of Global Travel

The rent-a-room model of AirBnb has brought global travel to the masses.  A culture-changing concept, AirBnB allows everyday people to cure their wanderlust on a dime through opening up their homes to fellow travelers, and relying on strangers across the globe for affordable lodging abroad.  The site is turning travel lifestyle on its head: with […]

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I’m My Own Boss

Women all over the world have come a long way from being confined to the role of “homemaker”.  Today, not only do they have full-fledged careers, but many have maximized their ambitions by starting their own businesses.  In LA, a vintage boutique owner went from telemarketing to dressing top celebrity clientele and inspiring collections by Marc […]

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Patricia Lee – Bobowrap: the Korean art of wrapping reinvented

Based on the centuries-old Korean bojagi and Japanese furoshiki, the practice of using cloth for reusable gift wrapping is being rediscovered by people today, thanks to the beautiful creations of Patricia Lee for her brand Bobowrap. The benefits are saving money on continually having to purchase new wrapping paper, saving the resources used to make […]