My Favorite Books

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Reading a book is one of those simple pleasures that has become complicated by the technological advances of our modern times – why read a book when you can watch the movie on your iPad or listen to the audiotape in the car?  But there are plenty of people who still can’t get enough of the feel of paper and ink in their hands. Here, we highlight some fabulous women who’ve got an eye for style and a mind for getting lost in their favorite book. These women come from an array of fields – from graphics and accessory design to public relations and law – and they have the libraries to suit their lifestyles. Despite their busy schedules, they make time to unplug from the chaos of life and work and curl up with a book. Whether they love to get wrapped up in the romance of Jane Austen or prefer poring over fashion tomes, these ladies are both well-read and well-dressed. They prove that you can always make time – and space – in your life to read, no matter what your day is like.