Denmark’s Den Røde Cottage: The Chef Behind the First Forest-To-Table Eatery

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Located only 10 kilometers from the center of Copenhagen, Den Røde Cottage looks and feels a world away from the hustle-and-bustle of the city. Surrounded by beautiful woods and a quiet country atmosphere, it’s clear the restaurant does not rely on flash tricks or sensationalism to draw customers. The interior is cozy and intimate, with room for about 20 seatings on both floors.
Run by husband and wife duo Anita Klemensen and Lars Thomsen, the restaurant takes ‘locally sourced produce’ to a literal level— herbs and berries that are used in the dishes are foraged from the woods around the cottage.  With only one menu that changes frequently to provide the most delicious ingredients at their peak, diners are sure to get the most authentic New Nordic dining experience at Klemensen’s restaurant.   We foraged in the forest with Klemesen, the first female chef in Denmark to be awarded a Michelin star, to find out exactly what goes into running the world’s first forest-to-table eatery.