New York City Farmers

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In the big city, it’s easy for residents to lose their connection with nature; tall trees are replaced with towering skyscrapers and grassy lawns swapped for cement sidewalks. But some people are making an effort to reclaim their earthy roots in the metropolitan landscapes they call home. These “urban farmers” have turned their rooftops into gardens where they grow ecologically safe and environmentally friendly crops, fostering healthier lifestyles and a deeper sense of community amongst neighbors. Riding the “green wave” of eco-consciousness, the women featured in this story are advocates for embracing farm life, even in the burrows of New York City. Whether they’re artists or entrepreneurs, these women prove that a green thumb can work in the Big Apple.

Photography by:  Laia Benavides, Etienne Frossard, Jenna Spevack, Chuka Chukuma