Hey Jude: the Jim Sturgess interview

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Jim_Sturgess_Lynda_Churilla_02_055_S2_cropIf there’s one British actor who has the “casual cool” look down, it’s definitely Jim Sturgess. Whether wearing a jacket or a t-shirt, he seems to be effortlessly fashionable, as out photo shoot with him proves. Sporting a thick beard reminiscent of Paul McCartney circa 1970, Jim has always moved between big Hollywood movies, indie films, and his love of music. Having risen to fame in 2007 by playing a character named “Jude” in the musical comedy “Across The Universe,” Jim went on to star in “Cloud Atlas,” gaining along the way of steady following of fans in Asia. Ahead of a busy year on the professional side, we sat down with him to find out what really matters to him.

Photos by Lynda Churilla

(6 – 8 pages)