Sailing Solo Around the World

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Images a__riennes - Maxi Solo Banque Populaire VII _6_ - Yvan Zedda

It’s a fantasy to sail around the world.  Very few men can do it since it takes courage, focus, business-savvy, and a real passion for the sea.  We interviewed some of the top sailors in the world who compete in solo yacht races.  Robin Knox-Johnston was the first man to do so nonstop in 1969.  Michel Desjoyeaux is the only one to win the Vendee Globe twice.  Armel Le Cleac’h broke the record for the longest distance traveled in 24 hours.  Guo Chuan broke the record for circumnavigating the globe in the smallest boat.  They are a special breed of athlete, who, at any age, are brave enough to venture into the most vast and uncharted territory in the world.  We’ll find out what makes these men tick, what it takes to sail around the world, and the life lessons they’ve learned while alone out on the open sea.

Photos by:  Yvan Zedda, Sea Launay, Tim Fox, Bradford Bird, Matjaz Tancic