Colton Haynes: From Superhero To Superstar

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26-year old Colton Haynes may be best known for his role as a superhero on Arrow, but his one-of-a-kind style is about to make him a superstar in the fashion world as well.  He is the new face of Diesel, has designer Nicola Formichetti (the man behind Lady Gaga’s singular style) on speed dial, and wouldn’t be caught dead in a plain white tee.  “I’m always in a leather jacket.  I’m always overdressed.  If you see me at Starbucks, you might see me in a suit,” says Haynes, whose first stop on the set of our LA photo shoot was the wardrobe room, where he picked out his favorites: a glittering leopard-print blazer from YSL, a couture aviator jumpsuit fresh off the Moncler runway, a metallic silver and neon coat complete with a luxe fur collar.  After putting his modeling chops to the test (Haynes started out as an Abercrombie model at 15), we sat down with the magnetic young actor to talk fashion, fame, and funny selfies.


Photos by Stevie Mada, Interview by Jessica DeFino