Ewan McGregor Exclusive Photo Shoot and Interview

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Ewan_McGregor_01_0046-FINALIf Jesus battled  a Jedi Master, who would win? It’s a safe bet to assume only one man could answer this absurd question, and that man is Ewan McGregor. After all, he’s the only person on earth to have portrayed both on the silver screen, his portrayal of the Son of God being featured in the upcoming movie “Last Days in the Desert.” For the last twenty years, Ewan McGregor has moved effortlessly between indie movies and blockbusters, and has gone from being a well-respected British actor to a bonafide Hollywood A-lister. An avid motorcycle driver (that’s how he arrived at our shoot), Ewan seems to not have any limit in the wide variety of project he undertakes. He discussed movies, family and how you should never say anything bad about Sean Connery.

(8 – 10 pages)

Photos by Andrew Eccles

Styling by Ise White