Jimmy Fallon Is Always Happy!

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Jimmy_Fallon_021_smCould there ever be a man that would be happy and in a good mood, from the moment he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep? And be funny at the same time? Well Jimmy Fallon is that person. He is exactly like you see him on TV or online. After two seconds talking to him, you feel like he’s been your friend for years, and after less than a minute, he makes you laugh. Being host of the Tonight Show is one of the most prestigious jobs in show business in America, and a lot of pressure is attached to it. But that hasn’t changed Jimmy, he’s still the same as when he started out on the comedy show Saturday Night Live at the age of 23, his life-long dream. It’s not possible to guess he’s 41 – neither physically nor in his personality. He insisted we come to see the show and at the end of the interview, wanted us to go out for drinks the next time we come to New York. It was hard not to think that we had just spent time with the nicest guy in show business.

Photos by Robert Erdmann


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