Los Angeles’ 1920s Revival

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The glitz, glam, and gusto of the 1920s have been revived in LA – or has it never left? Speakeasy bars like The Edison employ suspendered gentleman to mix the classics in hidden enclaves, burlesque shows wow audiences with swing and sex appeal, jazz bands fill the air of Pour Vous with the vivacity and emotion of a distant past, and silent films at Cinefamily evoke the juxtaposing culture of Victorian manners and Gatsby-like whimsy. Los Angelenos are trying to relive the time of lavish leisure with a sense of sass and class. But this isn’t just a mimicking of 20s aesthetics – the history of the era runs deep and we still see its effects today.  How has an untouchable and iconic time period remained relevant and caused such a stir in millennials? The literal and abstract remains have never seemed to leave Los Angeles. A Sherlock Holmes exploration is in order.

Photos by:  Melissa Barnes