10 Guys in 10 Days: One Girl’s Experience of Dating in LA

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10 Guys in 10 Days: One Girl’s Experience of Dating in LA


Where else do your dating prospects include rock stars, actors, and millionaires offering to jet you to Tokyo on the first date?

by Jessica DeFino


After breaking up with my boyfriend of almost 4 years, I was faced with the task of re-learning how to date in one of the most notoriously superficial cities in the world, Los Angeles.  LA is a playground for the rich and famous; it’s filled with actors, players, posers, and fakers and women who don’t know how to tell them apart.  Eager for excitement, I dived head first into the scene and got exactly what I asked for: a 10 day crash course in finding love (or lust) in LA.

From mingling with millionaires to learning the ropes of online dating, to running into Monday Night’s Date while (drunkenly) out with Saturday Night’s Date and perfecting the walk of shame, I can safely say I’ve seen it all.


Want proof?  Within 10 days of breaking up with my ex I:


1)  made out with a GRAMMY-winning music producer desperate to be my dom,

2)  received old-school, handwritten love letters from a reality TV star,

3)  had a PG-13 sleepover with Britney Spears’ guitarist,

4)  was asked what kind of panties I was wearing at a 5 star restaurant with a millionaire Nike designer,

5)  started a textual relationship with an Australian rock god (whose song still haunts me on the radio daily),

6)  had my first one night stand (thank you, Tinder),

7)  took things a little too far with a guy at the office,

8)  started an OMG-this-could-be-something relationship with a single dad I met on the internet,

9)  recruited an old high school friend for an ahhhh-mazing Friends With Benefits situation,

10) squeezed four dates into 24 hours (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime)


and lived to tell about it.  This is my first-hand account of the maddening, exhilarating, confusing, and cinematic experience that is dating in Los Angeles.