Dita Von Teese photos and feature interview

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Dita Von Teese is known internationally for her tantalizing burlesque performances in which she strips down for her awe struck audiences. A woman of old-fashioned values and retro style, Dita’s unique personality is an ideal mix of reserved femininity and confident sexual assurance. This winning combination can surely be credited as a vehicle which has taken her to the top of her craft, burlesque, as well as opened doors for the voluptuous vixen in the fashion and film industries. Today she boasts a clothing line of sexy dresses and lingerie that is available in countries as far as Australia, and is meant to bring Dita’s vintage aesthetic back into contemporary fashion. Von Teese, who is an admirer of Technicolor musicals and old-fashioned films, has now launched a new Burlesque show, which is an hour-and-a-half compilation of all her best routines. With a supporting cast consisting of the best burlesque dancers from around the world, Dita will headline this titillating live theatre, which will hit stages in New York and be filmed for DVD release around the world. Anything but shy, this remarkable headliner opens up about her ideal man, the physical traits that turn her on, her views on marriage, and the art of stripping.

Photography by:  Albert Sanchez