Jamie Cullum’s Jazz Hands

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British jazz musician Jamie Cullum, 43, is both old and new school about music. He’s able to pop legendary jazz artists such as Charles Mingus into the conversation as quickly as talking about 90s’ trailblazing hip hop groups like A Tribe Called Quest but he’s worked on albums with au courant hit song maker Pharrell Williams, shared with stage with British pop star Robbie Williams and played a song on the piano for actor Robert De Niro. If you spend any time talking to him, you find out he likes it that way. He clearly doesn’t want to be boxed in. Married for eight years to former model-turned-children’s book author, Sophie Dahl (the granddaughter of classic movie actress Patricia O’Neal and children’s book author Roald Dahl), the couple share two children; Lyra, seven and Margot, five. They live in the Buckinghamshire area of London.