Jeremy Renner

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100a3694In a recent TV commercial for a liquor brand, Jeremy Renner was shown acting on a film set, then stepping into the producer’s chair, then working on renovating a house, and finally walking out onstage as the singer of his own a band. He’s all that, but as he repeated several times during our interview, he sees himself first and foremost as the father of his three year old daughter Ava.

Forged in the working class town of Modesto, in central California, his journeyman work ethic has served him well, with supporting roles in Mission Impossible movies, a part in several Marvel movies as super hero “Hawkeye,” and a lead role in one of the “Bourne” movies and in the critically acclaimed “The Hurt Locker.”

In 2016, Jeremy Renner will step out as the leading man in two upcoming Hollywood movies. He continues to renovate houses and to be more down-to-earth than most Hollywood stars. He sat down with us in a quiet Hollywood hotel bar to talk about his exciting upcoming plans and new life as a father.

Photos by Sarah Dunn