Iris Apfel

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20130319_irisapfel_0004_15001Chances are, if you know anything about Fashion, then you know the name ‘Iris Apfel’. If you don’t recognize the name, you recognize the crop of silver hair, the thick-rimmed circles eye-glasses and the pop of colors from her impeccably eclectic taste in clothing and accessories. If you didn’t know, then right now is a good time to get acquainted with the fashion industry’s most senior and stylish maven, often dubbed the ‘rare bird in fashion’ and who refers to herself as a ‘Geriatric Starlet’. Tongue-in-cheek aside, our curiosity has been peaked and we can’t get enough eye-candy when it comes to her choices in bright colors, the way she matches prints, and the stack of bangles and baubles that clank and dangle from her wrists, neck and lobes. We want to know more. In her mid-90’s now, Iris Apfel’s fashion fame didn’t arrive until she was in her 80’s, despite her interest and eye for fashion that existed decades prior. We sat down with her to know the secret to timeless fashion.

Photo by Andres Hernandez