SETI – We Are Not Alone In The Universe

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dsc_7428_smA few decades ago, the movie Alien opened with the tag line “in space, no one hears you scream.” SETI begs to differ. In space, a lot of… “beings” might be able to hear you scream, if you scream loud enough. The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence program was co-founded by Dan Wirthimer of UC Berkeley. He’s now joined by millions of people who help him in his search with their computer at home, pioneering a new form of “crowd research.” But where and how can we find intelligent alien life forms, how likely is it that they will receive our message? As more and more countries launch giant telescopes to participate in SETI, we went to Berkeley to meet Dan Wirthimer and discuss the probabilities of life in a galaxy far, far away.

(2 – 4 pages)

Photos by Angie Silvy