Maggie Q: Fashion Shoot and Interview

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Maggie Q is the epitome of a beautiful strong woman – an iron fist in a velvet glove.  She’s also the first Asian actress to have the lead role in a US TV show. Whether performing onscreen stunts and martial arts or supporting compassionate causes, she has found a balance of body, mind, and soul.  The Hawaii-born Euro-Vietnamese actress has a sultry yet accessible appeal that’s already taken Asia by storm, and her international presence is more prolific than ever, with many action films (“Mission: Impossible III,” “Live Free or Die Hard”) and an ever-growing collection of comedic and dramatic roles (“New York, I Love You”) under her belt.  Now with a number of new releases in 2011 (The King of Fighters, Rogue’s Gallery, Priest) and the lead role in the CW’s Nikita TV series, premiering this fall, Maggie Q is well on her way to world domination.”
Photos by Randee St. Nicholas
(6 – 10 pages)