The Subterraneans: A Tour of San Francisco’s Subcultures

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Dolores2_1500San Francisco is home to an eclectic pool of subcultures, fueled by post-World War II American politics and in some cases, experimentation with substances to achieve altered states of mind.  Home to the Beat Generation and the “Summer of Love”, hippies, drag queens, and political activists have long been attracted by the city’s history of being a haven for free-lovers and free-thinkers, cultivating a collective lifestyle filled with eccentricity, open-mindedness, and just plain irreverent fun.  The city has it all – buzzing nightlife, world-class foodie scene, Victorian architecture, and culture – lots of it.  With all the influence of its famous subcultures, San Francisco is a world all its own, and a testament to the freedom of the American spirit.

Photography by:  Christophe Wu