Fashion’s New Trend Makers

Historically, fashion entrepreneurs have followed one tried-and-true career trajectory: they worked as a designer and launched their own clothing company. Today, however, the advent of the internet and an increasingly global market mean that an entrepreneur can instead create her own unique formula for success. One inspired idea, combined with a distinct need in the […]

Hollywood Players

Hollywood is an almost mythical place that has captured the amazement of people around the world for almost a century. It’s created a global culture of fame and celebrity that is unparalleled, and it’s changed the way millions of people look at entertainment.  Actors and actresses live in a fantastical world of glamour which millions […]

Mom Makeover!

What better way to celebrate moms than talking fashion? And who knows a mom’s fashion better than her daughter? In this story we asked six daughters from six different cities around the world to make over their mom’s style by using clothes from their own closet. This started a discussion about what moms thought about […]