Hollywood Players

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Stan Lee, Beverly Hills, Calif. 8.12.13

Hollywood is an almost mythical place that has captured the amazement of people around the world for almost a century. It’s created a global culture of fame and celebrity that is unparalleled, and it’s changed the way millions of people look at entertainment.  Actors and actresses live in a fantastical world of glamour which millions of people around the world aspire to attain.  Movies may be made all around the world, from Mumbai to Beijing, but no other city has the power to create global stars like Hollywood – it’s a uniquely American phenomenon.  Here, we give you the inside scoop into the daily lives of five people who run this town – comic book mogul Stan Lee,  Star Trek scribes Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, Harry Potter director Chris Columbus, and talent agency partner Lorrie Bartlett, whose clients include superstars like Megan Fox and Zoe Saldana. These agents, producers and movie directors can make or break a star and create movie magic for all the world to see.

Photography by:  Max S. Gerber, Kevin Scanlon, Molly Cranna, Christophe Wu