Fairytale Weddings

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images-0235It’s every little girl’s dream to one day have the perfect fairytale wedding.  When womanhood comes, and along with it, Prince Charming, the reality of planning a wedding can be far from the dream.  Whether following ancient wedding traditions of ones culture or opting for modern elegance, the cost of gowns, exotic settings, wedding planners, and romantic honeymoon destinations can be overwhelming. We met twelve couples from around the globe who share their love stories and wedding planning insights. They give advice on everything from how they planned their dream wedding, to how they reduced their stress, expenditure, and were able to balance their modern personal styles with their own cultural rituals. Learn how these women from twelve locales – some of which include Hawaii, Mexico, Morocco, Australia, South Africa, and India – look back and relive the magic that is sure to inspire brides-to-be from around the world to say “I do” with no stress.

(8 – 12 pages)