Girls’ Weekend Hobbies

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Teenage girls from around the world can agree on one thing – there’s nothing quite like weekend fun after a busy week at school studying for pop quizzes, rushing to finish homework and waking up early for class. Weekends are a time when teens can enjoy their friends, family and those extracurricular activities that they are most passionate about.

Teens from Puerto Rico, London, Tokyo, India and Los Angeles all share what their weekend fun consists of – whether it be a relaxing day at the beach on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, hosting baking and nail art parties with friends in Tokyo, horseback riding in sunny California, dancing  the traditional Indian “Bharatanatyam” dance in Mumbai, or snapping shots and blogging about fashion in London. These five charming gals also chatted about their favorite local hangouts in their cities, curfews, weekend budget, sleepovers, and much more.