Girls’ Weekend Hobbies

  Teenage girls from around the world can agree on one thing – there’s nothing quite like weekend fun after a busy week at school studying for pop quizzes, rushing to finish homework and waking up early for class. Weekends are a time when teens can enjoy their friends, family and those extracurricular activities that they […]

Love Hotels

Most people look forward to staying in a hotel as a chance to visit a new city, indulge in some well-deserved rest and relaxation, and get away from the stresses of everyday life. But for some, a hotel stay is a chance to explore a brave new world of kinky sexual adventures. These are the […]

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Back to School Style

Nowadays, there’s nothing geeky about having brains.  Though they hit the books hard, university girls don’t have to compromise style.  Modern “brainy” girls know that there’s nothing more important than higher education, but life can still be filled with joie de vivre.  We found girls at three of the top universities in the world who […]

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I Love My Handsome Man

What does a woman love about a man?  Some are attracted to a muscular physique while others are suckers for a pretty face.  In every culture around the world, the ideal of male beauty takes many forms.  Whether he is blonde-haired and blue-eyed or tall, dark, and exotic, there is a woman behind every handsome […]

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The World’s Best Club Fashion

What to wear when going out at night? And where to go? In the hottest destination cities around the world, the idea of a good time may vary slightly, but one thing is always true: people love a party that is fun, luxurious, and exclusive.  In Dubai, Roberto Cavalli’s club represents the pure extravagance that […]

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Innovative Career Women

No matter what the profession or location, the young businesswoman is on the rise. Despite the recession, women from all walks of life are taking on creative jobs based on their passions – and with great ambition.  They know that the way to achieve success is really just to do what you love.  Three sophisticated […]