I Launched A Concept Shop!

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13_1500Concept shops can make a shopping experience so special.  Well-edited and a personal expression of the woman behind an idea, these shops become go-to destinations for inspiration and treasure-hunting.  From a New York woman with a passion for exotic flowers, to a Shanghai tea connoisseur, to a London duo whose eye for art and design strike the perfect synergy, we’ve found the most unique concept shops around the world, and the women who’ve brought them to life.  These 7 women have chosen to follow their bliss, and they live to share their wonderful finds with the most discerning collectors in their respective cities. (7-14 pages)

Photography by:  Rosie Collins , Prarthna Singh , Todd Anthony Tyler , Taschka Turnquist , Keith Barraclough , Leo Ridet , Pedro Moreira