Spruce Creek Fly-in City

In Spruce Creek, Florida, cars don’t own the road. Airplanes do. The small town’s main streets are actually airplane runways, and half of the 1000 residents have one or more aircrafts in their garage! Some of the airplanes are full on private jets, but others cost less than a car. And in Spruce Creek, everyone […]

Liu Wen photoshoot and interview

When Chinese model Liu Wen appeared in a Victoria Secret fashion show in 2009, she received considerable attention for being the first Asian model on the Victoria’s Secret runway. This boundary-breaker hails from Beijing, China, and is now one of the brightest star and highest paid model in the fashion industry. Follow us to New […]

San Diego: America’s Finest City

San Diego: America’s Finest City by Jessica DeFino The light was blindingly bright as I inched closer and closer to San Diego on the 1-5, as if I were driving directly into the sun. Traffic from Los Angeles to San Diego- normally just a two and a half hour drive- was slow-moving; not so much […]

Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2015 Street Style- Models

At fashion week Fall/Winter 2015, the show is as much off the runway as it is onstage. Before the show, after the show, backstage, on the streets – world famous fashion editors, models, celebrities, and stylists show off amazing clothes with major panache.  Our photographer Tim Regas follows them around the major Fashion Week Cities.  (More […]

South Africa Wines: Where Biodiversity is King

Cape Town:  the Mother City,  a member of the prestigious Great Wine Capitals of the World network alongside Bilbao in Spain, Bordeaux in France, Christchurch in New Zealand, Florence in Italy, Mainz in Germany, Mendoza in Argentina, Porto in Portugal, San Francisco in the US and Valparaiso in Chile.   Regularly voted one of the […]

Stephen Quake: Redefining Biomedical Engineering

  It’s been over 20 years since Jurassic Park introduced the concept of biomedical engineering to the public.  Scientists in the Michael Crichton novel-turned-film manipulated amber-preserved dinosaur DNA– more specifically, dinosaur genomes– to repopulate the planet with animals millions of years old, essentially reversing extinction. Today, Professor Stephen Quake has made sci-fi fantasies a reality […]

The Top 10 Editors at Fashion Month

  During Fashion Month streetwear trends often get as much, if not more, attention than the latest runway looks. As editors make their way from show to show, their impeccable street style- an inspiring mix of current-season favorites and fresh-of-the-runway creations- sets the trends for the season to come. Cool Hunt snapped the latest looks from Leandra Medine (Man […]